04 dodge 2500 diesel "automatic" 4x4

new to diesels and dodges... do not have a 5th wheel... but am a camper/backpacker/national parks type person... not to say 5 yrs from now I will not get a "5th or 4th (small) trailer....

anyway - now are the new 04 dodges and is a automatic any good for pulling smaller camping rigs??? anyone know mpg on a 4x4 diesel
04 dodge 2500 diesel "automatic" 4x4

I own my first diesel, an 03 dodge cummins 4x4 and love it, its a 6spd. I have a 19ft camp trailor and dont even know its there. They pull great. Guys on other sites are pulling 12,000 pounds with there dodges and the new 48RE auto tranny and havent had any problems. Im getting about 17-18 in town and 18.5-21 on freeway with mine, have 22k on it now. Youll love it if you buy one.
04 dodge 2500 diesel "automatic" 4x4

I have an '04 Dodge, crewcab, 4WD diesel with the automatic. It was bought in July, 04. I wouldn't consider my 5th wheel to be small - 29ft - with the total weight of the rig near 17K. I can go as fast as the law allows on any road I've encountered so far. I'm based in Idaho and have pulled the mountains here and in Oregon. I get just under 10mpg pulling at 65-70mph. I'm a Ford man - but - I bought the Dodge for $4000 less than a Ford with the same equipment and got a longer warranty. My truck has only 5k miles on it and has performed perfectly so far. If I had to gripe about something - the back seat is a little too hard and not as comfortable as the back seat in the Fords. Get the Dodge - you'll like it.