04 Pleasureway Lexor RD Chevy bunch of ?s


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Hello all Steve here reside in Atlanta,GA& Montgomery,ALproud new owner of a

04 Pleasureway Lexor RD Chevy 3500,6.0 litre engine. purchased just by images & mileage no personal

Inspection, I acted very quick bc I know the rarity of this type van being sold used,she looked better in images,lots of little things require attention & repair.

Important stuff like engine/trans rear end are all functioning smoothly.

Onan generator an propane tank lots of surface rust.

Actually have been looking for over 8 years, in mean time been using express 1500s

So it’s a natural progression to step up to a nicely equipped 3500.

The PW main purpose is a tow vehicle for my 24’ deep sea cruising vessel total dry load including trailer is 3500LBs from

Montgomery,AL(store my big toys) to Gulf of Mexico, my current cruising range is Ft.Morgan AL-Destin,FL.

I normally weekend on vessel, so weather will determine sleeping in PW an will be limited.

Van has Massachutes Title I think the previous owner was associated w/ the Kentucky horse racing business.I purchased in Lexington,KY, So if any knows the PO I’d like to contact for vans history

An let them know she’s in good capable hands an will be used per year at minimum weather permitting 6 GOM trips

a dozen local lake trips a few events like sports car racing brasselton an b-ham.

I worked 22 years nationwide in telephony building networks, I’m done w/ the hotel nonsense, but still enjoy traveling, IMO this is the only method of regionalized traveling.

No missed flights due to delay/cancellation or being bumped.

I have many ?s here are my initial ?s

1.mounting of TV door hinge an how door locks?

2.want to fill fresh water tank,an test the plumbing. Like can the main tank be drained?A normal person would assume the tank is directly behind where it's filled, so do I have to jack up the van an crawl under it to drain main tank? I do understand draining the black 1st leave valve open then drain grey.

3.house battery location?I am able to open all the outside storage except the forward most on pass.side.I suspect this is house battery storage.

rear pass. side inside van I see what looks like is a house battery on/off key. but don't see a tray or battery box to hold battery.

4. the roof fans lid blew off. would like a economy replacement.saw $50. lids on amazon.I believe the fan is a fantastic bc of the elevating arm off to pass.side.

5.where are the awning wrench & supports normally stowed?

6.I understand for the Onan to run there must be more than a 1/4 tank of fuel.if it's less than 1/4 tank will it even crank over to try to start? currently the yellow fuel warning light is on so I assume there's only 1 gallon in tank, I depressed the Onan toggle switch at controll panel didn't hear the Onan try to start.

I think there are circuit breakers near the furnace?

7.do propane tanks have last inspected dated lable?

will surface rust effect a new inspection?

edit: I have downloaded the owners manual it's kindof brief an zero images.

Thanks for any tips.this is my 1st RV so I’m a complete newb


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