12V vs 6V


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My fifth wheel is going on seven years now and the stock 12v batteries are finally going the way of the Do-Do. I want to replace them with new 6v. I've made this conversion before and liked it.
But I also want to invest in a solar panel system, so the question is; are solar panel systems compatible with 6v batteries in series? Or do I need to stick with 12v batteries in parallel. Will I need to look into a higher amp output rating to charge the 6v batteries?
Advise me before I needlessly spend.


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Yes the 6 volt are compatible. The 2 6 volt make one big 12 volt they are just separate pieces. Look hard for the solar systems they are coming down in price. Saw 200 watts two panels as a kit expandable to 400 watts for about $575(I think a good deal) add the two panels and you have a very good start on a full solar system. And at under $800 if you install your self. I have a 100 watt on top and it keeps the batteries up during storage and very light use and was thinking of adding the 400 for the house and switching the 100 for just the start side. But even that would take 5-8 years to pay off at 100 to 200 hours of gen time a year considering I will still need a little Gen time even with the full system.