15-20mpg motorhome??

As a newbee exploring the potentials of motorhome ownership i am having a hard time getting my head around less than 10mpg,the financial implications of driving to florida from montreal or any other long trip are making me think that motor homes are more than i can afford,I need something that can get 15 to 20mpg,sleep 2 adults and 2 kids and have a bathroom cost $10-25k used,,does such a machine exist?or am i doomed to tenting it..


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15-20mpg motorhome??

I would say, you have to look at some class C's, or Van Conversions in order to get the milage your looking for. Perhaps a a diesel engine may get you a better gas milage but probably not a big class A (all the lux of a house on wheels).
Don't give up the hunt too soon. Keep looking a check the RV web sites (search).
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15-20mpg motorhome??

I dont think a class C would get the mileage you want.My neighbor had an old Shasta,about 20' with the old Ford 351 and claimed about 12 mpg. A class B would be tight with two kids,unless they are small,and a good one for less than 25k is hard to find. They will get 15-17 mpg on the highway,but the holding tank for the commode is usually small(10-12 gals) and taking a shower in one can be a pain.