1966 Hi-Lo Trailer 14'

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First post....I like this website....real slick....kudos to the webmaster.

Anyways, here is my question(s):
I have a 1966 Snyder Company Hi-Lo 14' Trailer...little guy, has queeen bed and a nice seat in the front, easily sleeps 4 with the bunk bed frame installed in the front. Gas furnace on the floor in the middle. Perfect condition except for the brakes....I have no clue what year/make/model these brakes are from....

I am just about to take one of the rims down to the tire store and get 3 new rims/tires for it, and was wondering if they are ie. Chevy 5 lug pattern, then the brakes are probably chevy truck brakes from 1966? or 1966 Ford if the lug pattern is Ford, and etc.?

Or could I just go to Napa with the knowledge that these are Ford 5 lugs, and bring a nice picture of the hub off and bring the old cylinder and a set of the worn out brake shoes? I'm new to this, don't know what to do....

Also, the brakes work with a master cylinder on the hitch piece, and are totally mechical...when you brake the van I have, the trailer's momentum pushes the master cylinder and thus stops the trailer with the enertia caused by braking the van. It's a nice little setup for a smaller trailer like this.

My question is, how do you bleed the brakes without taking the trailer to the mechanic? I've always had someone pump the brakes while I bleed the nipples on the cylinders/calipers...but you can't do that here...I was thinking using a jack with one end on the end of the front of the trailer, and the other end against something solid...but since I am so new to this, does anyone has any suggestions? Thanks!!!!!!

I'll post some pictures when I get my new digital camera in a couple of days.

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1966 Hi-Lo Trailer 14'

Hi and welcome to the forum. The Hi-Lo company is still in business. I don't know if it is the same one as manufactured your trailer but I imagine it is since, according to their website, they have been in business since 1957. You might contact them for information on your axles, brakes, and trailer. Here is the website.
Sorry, but I can't help you on how to adjust the surge type of brake system. Hopefully someone else here will have that information.
Good luck! :)