1968 Holiday Ramber travel trailer restore help


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Hello all,
I am trying to restore my trailer. The electric has 12v and AC power I would like to convert everything to 12v. What should I buy? I have the ceiling tore out as there was water damage whats the should I coat the roof with? Is there any place that sells used RV parts on the web???

Thanks for your time and help,

Tom F


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RE: 1968 Holiday Ramber travel trailer restore help

As for converting to 12v, go to each light that runs on ac and wire them into the battery system and purchase 12v lightbulbs, the fridge can purchase a 3 way that runs on ac 12v and propane and just wire it in for propane and 12v. You will need to convert anything else you have that runs on AC to 12v as well. You will need to decide how you want to charge your system whether you want to use solar, generator, or a 110 to 12v converter. And just install accordingly.
For you roof there is a regular roof coat you can buy from any rv store and it comes in quart or gallon size. It is just painted on.
Dont know where you can find parts for older trailers.