1973 Dodge Sportsman Roadcruiser


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My name is Chris Smith and I live in Indiana. I've been a mechanic all my life so when my son wanted an RV for a project, I found a (Title says) 1973 Dodge Sportman Roadcruiser for $300. It has been sitting for 3 years because (according to the old owner) it ran out of gas. I got the engine running nicely (on Ether) the other day and am in the process of rebuilding the filthy carburetor. Many questions to ask anyone in the know.... I'm attaching a picture of the RV in hopes someone might be able to tell me more about this series.
  1. Where might this series RV be manufactured
  2. If there are no signs of any leaks in the main area ceiling, is this generally viewed as a good thing or is it still necessary to tear into the walls to check for rot?
  3. If the cab overhead area has significant rot, how difficult to rebuild?
  4. This vehicle has a HUGE spring coming from the bottom of the brake pedal all the way up to the steering column. I'm assuming to help the brake pedal return to it's normal position. I've never seen this before and I have no idea if this is factory or a former owner fix.
If anyone would be willing to chat about this I'd welcome a brief conversation.
Thanks Chris Smith (317) three4one ten74


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