1977 3/4 ton Ford Van Frame


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My question is that if I add another 6FT onto the frame in the back and put the Galley up next to the cab. Will that be to much weight on the rear axle and bring the steer axle of the ground making the whole thing very dangersous going up hill? :question: :sleepy: I had bought this van and stripped it down to the frame and I am building my own RV out of it. I use to work on RV's back in the early 80's but so much has changed on them.

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1977 3/4 ton Ford Van Frame

HI hank53, welcome to the forum, well thats basiclly how the build them, even today. I would think if you checked the wts and kept it balanced so to speak you'll be ok. There is a place that sells plans for building your own rv, motorhomes, TT, pickupcampers & even a 5th wheel, presently I don't have the web address, if I come accross it I'll post it. Good luck with the project and keep us informrd. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
Found the site; www.glen-l.com/campers/glenlrv.html