1977 Tioga Camper Just Purchased

If there is anyone on this forum who knows about these campers or even owns one; and would you be so kind to email your phone number to me or email me so I could get some education on what I have and how to approach getting this camper ready. It is in need of some work mainly on the appliances and have questions regarding the water storage tank, refrigerator and etc.

Thanks to all who read this.

Re: 1977 Tioga Camper Just Purchased

Welcome to the forum, BBs!

That's what this forum is all about! Go ahead and ask your questions. The questions that you ask and the answers you get are here for everyone to see. That helps all of us.

And don't forget to look up at the top left dark blue bar on your screen. That's the "Search" screen. I'd bet that 90% of your questions have already been answered some time in the past. I'd also bet that you'll find answers to questions that you haven't even thought of yet.

And if you're a little embarrassed to ask a stupid question, don't be. You should see some of the dumb stuff I put up here for all to see! :clown:


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Re: 1977 Tioga Camper Just Purchased

I have a 92 Tioga, but much of the stuff in campers is the same regardless of make, model, and year. What are your questions? My fresh water tank is under the front dinette seat and my fridge is new (a year and a half ago)...the person who installed it had to do a little wood work as the exact size I had was no longer available.