1979 Midas


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I am trying to retrofiy a 1979 dodge Midas class C and would info on the beast Manual would be nice i have front passager uper bed roof or window leaks is my consern help please with tips ect i am trying to do the work myself if possible (sory for my english i am french.)Thank you in advance Spikea ;)


RE: 1979 Midas

well if it were me i would get a buddy to spray water on the window and see exactaly where it leaks ,, if it's the window ,, then just put some black caulk around it ,, but water leaks can fool u ..u may think it's the window ,, but u may have a leak in the roof or around the clearance lights ,, ck it out and post us back ,, and bty welcome to the forums ;) :approve: :)