1983 winnebago chieftan

hello, i recently purchased a 83 chieftan to use strictly for tail gating a Mizzou football games and i have several questions that i'm hoping some of you kind folks might be able to help me with.
-where can i find a service manual & a user manual
-i'm having problems with the unit over heating,i have changed thermostat, belts, flushed any suggestions
-i just found a leak in the water heater, since we are just using the rv for tailgating do you think i could by pass the water heater and still get the pump to pump cold water to the different systems, if so , what do you think about using an electric shower head unit for taking showers


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Re: 1983 winnebago chieftan

First of all, what engine do you have? When changing coolant did you also have the radiator rodded? If not you might need to do so. Another possible problem is the water pump.

On the water heater, it would really be quite esay to bypass the water heater and many newer RVs have built in bypass that just means changing positions of a couple of valves. They do so for winterizing the system. As to the "electric shower haed" I really don't know what you mean.
Re: 1983 winnebago chieftan

sorry, i forget to say that it is a 454 chevy, and the shower head is something that i have seen on e-bay recently

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Re: 1983 winnebago chieftan

Check the clutch fan and be sure the radiator fins are straight and clean. Check timing and timing advance. What is the temp running? Be sure you have a 50 50 mixture in the raidator. The 454 tends to run on the hot side. how many miles on the MH? Like Kirk said the radiator might need replacing or rodded out. The so called boilling out the radiator will not work if some of the flues are pluged. Good luck