1984 Pace Arrow

I am new to rving and this is my first rv. I am just unsure as to tell which pace arrow it is I have. What is the easiest way to tell cause the title doesnt have the model on it? Is there any clubs or people out there that can help me in the Cincinnati or Lexington, KY area in there spare time?


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Re: 1984 Pace Arrow

Welcome. Get the VIN number and then go to BMV and you might be able to find model number etc. If it has plates already on it it should have a registration in the paperwork which should show the model number. Also, look inside behind cabinet doors for stat sheet, that should have model number. alos, check inside drivers door (if it has one) there might be VIN plate, model number, etc., there. Try to get a owner's manual. I don't understand why the title doesn't have a model number on it. Check with a local RV dealer, also. They should be able to tell you where to find it. aFter you figure out what you have, start checking out everything and ask away on this forum......lots of smart people here to guide/assist you. ;)
Re: 1984 Pace Arrow

Call Fleetwood customer service with the VIN.
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