1985 chevy holarm drivable

i recently bought a 1985 chevy holarm drivable camper/Rv We are in search of an owners manual. Due to it seeming to be deisling and when we go online vert hard to.findnimformation about this model. Whe. We turn it off it continues to run for a minute or more then it revs and back fires and turns off. We are trying to get as much info as possible on this model
Tha k you

House Husband

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Look on the left front side of the carb and you'll see an idle stop solenoid with one wire attached to it. It is supposed to set the idle speed. I suggest some DIYer has set the idle speed with the old idle adjustment screw. That screw should be adjusted so the engine idles in neutral at about 400 RPM with the wire removed from the solenoid. Reattach the wire on the solenoid and adjust to about 700 RPM in gear. That way when you turn off the key the solenoid will let the carb close some and stop the run-on.
Or just take it to an old silver haired mechanic and have him fix it. GRIN