1986 Georgia Boy Class A 32

My wife and I are going to look at a 1986 Georgia Boy 32 ft. class A motorhome. It has 79,000 miles and is allegedly in good shape. Their asking price is $2500. What should I be looking for. I have bought many used cars in the past and know how to evaluate engines, trannies, exhaust, steering, brakes, electrical, body, suspension, etc. But I have never looked at a motorhome, let alone one that is 22 years old. How long are the applicances going to last. Can you give me some hints what to look for. I know it has a generator, Refridge, shower, hot water heater. Yet I'm not sure it has a roof AC. Any information you can give me would be appreciated. I am not sure of the book value of this motorhome. I'm also not sure of it's engine size. Perhaps a 460? or a 454?. I doubt it gets more than 7-10 mpg. Thanks in advance for any of your responses.
John and Kaye

C Nash

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Re: 1986 Georgia Boy Class A 32

John you can expect major work having to be done on a MH this age IMO. Tires to begin with if they have not been replace in the last 5 years regardless of tread depth. Brakes will probably have hose that are in need of replacing along with cylinders. As to the appliances most all them are past their lifespan if they have never been replaced. Be sure and check for any water damage. If there are signs it will be worse than iot looks I promise. Plumbing should be inspected close. Generator should crank and run all appliances that are 120. The only way you can tell if the appliances are even working is have the MH hooked to shore power or generator running and it will take the fridge a while before you will know if it works as it should. You will need to be a good handy man on this one. Well, you even need to be handy on a new one for that matter :laugh: Not trying to discourage you but expect the worse and you'll never be disappointed. Good luck