1987 Bounder


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Looking for general information on a 1987 bounder 27 or 28 footer such as weight, height, width ,capacities of water gray water,and fuel and any thing else I can find out about Bounder RV's this age. :cool: :laugh:


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1987 Bounder

The fuel will be unleaded gasoline. The engine will be either a 460 Ford or a 454 GM. If the GM chassis it will be a soft ride with fair handling. If a Ford it will handle better, but the ride will be more stiff. The hight will be about 11 feet, gross weight limit will be 16K and actual will just depend. The width at that time was 96" and the capacities you will have to check out. It would be very wise to get it weighed before you buy since Bounder was well known at that time for being close to or over the gross weight rating when empty. But the only way to know is to take it to a scale yourself.