1988 Coleman TSR AC Capacitor(s) Wiring Diagram


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Hello everyone!

I hope this message finds you all in good health. I have a 1988 Itasca Chevy G30 RV. It's around 19 ft long if that. The AC fan went out recently and I found a direct replacement for it which was nice and easy to install. (The fan motor has 4 wires instead of the 5 wire models). I also replaced the three capacitors for it. I didn't realize how loose the spade connectors were when fiddling with it. Sadly, the before pictures are long gone and I don't have a wiring diagram for it. I mainly need to know where each wire goes so I can finally be cool, haha.

If you all need pictures or any potential information that can help, just ask. Thank you for your time.
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