1994 Fleetwood Westport??


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My name is Terry and I have posted here before. I am still looking for my first 5th wheel and am very excited about finding the right unit so that my wife and I can begin getting away and enjoying life instead of working 24 7. I have just found a 1994 35' Fleetwood Westport that seems to be priced right. It seems to be what we are looking for but I am concerned about the weight. I will be pulling it with a 2000 F-350 DRW 4x4 that has a 5th wheel towing cap. of 13,000 lbs. This 5th wheel weighs 13,000 lbs. dry but my friend says I will have no trouble with it even after adding water to the fresh tank plus other items that will be needed to go camping. Can anyone give me any advice about this situation and has anyone ever owned an older Fleetwood Westport? I dont't know anything about the quality of this unit but it passed my novice inspection. Thanks for any help that you can give me.


C Nash

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1994 Fleetwood Westport??

Are you planning on towing this unit a lot or towing to a spot and leaving it set up? IMO you will not be happy towing when you are over loaded which you will be by the time you load all your personal belongings. Will it tow it yes, safe NO!! Check the rv around the edges for soft spots that would indicate leaks. Ck every inch of the flooring for the same. Don't forget to look under all cabinets and in outside storage compartments. Ck all appliances, a/c, heater, stove, refridgerator, plumbing, potty etc. If the tires are over five years old they probably need replacing regardless of the tread left. Go on the roof and check all seams. Are they sealed? Ck for soft spots while you are on top. How does it look underneath, frame, axles, shocks, holding tanks and insulation? Good luck

Chelse L. Nash