1995 192TB refridgerator


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On my Domestic Fridge I have a slot that is supposed to allow me to see if the propane gas is going. Can anyone tell me how it works? Where should I be able to see the flame? I am at a loss I hope someone can help me.

Bill K


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Re: 1995 192TB refridgerator

Dometic did it two ways. Some had a sight glass that is sort of like fiber optics. On the bottom right front there will be a sunken square that looks like smoked plastic and when the flame is lit at the right angle you will see blue light. If it doesn't have that feature it should have a flap covered hole on the outside to look through. Those compact models were a little different than the larger refers.


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RE: 1995 192TB refridgerator

I also have a 192TB ('96 Dodge). I assume yours is a Coach House. What chassis are you on ?
My Dometic fridge has the little clear plastic square at the left front of the unit at the bottom.
It has to be somewhat shaded in the unit to be able to see the light. I usually cup my hand over it.
Does your fridge work ok? Mine doesn't get cold enough. I've removed it, turned it over, shaken it etc. etc.
Seems to work best on AC.
Anyway, good luck.