1995 Monaco Executive Coach-HELP!!

I need some advice from you seasoned Rv'ers who have bought pre-owned coaches. I have found a 1995 Monaco "Executive" model coach that seems to be in very good shape. It is 38', 100K miles on the Cummins 300 hp motor (it has records of work done), Allison tranny, Onan 7500 gen. w/1400 hours, no slide but it is still roomy, light, and open. 2006 tires. I like the floorplan (kitchen on left/dinette on right, U-line separate ice maker from frig. Roomy bathroom/shower. North/south bed with stereo, TV, and climate control. The selling price is $40K and Nada avg. retail value is $36K. I took it for a test drive and it drove like a dream.

Please share with me what I should look out for if I decide to buy this coach. Thanks in advance for your response. :laugh:

C Nash

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Re: 1995 Monaco Executive Coach-HELP!!

Look at the sides at an angle. Are there bulges or bubbles? Some Monaco in this time frame were bad to de laminate. I'm assuming it is fiberglass. Engine should be ok but I would have it checked by a good cummins deisel mechanic. Look for signs of water (rain) leaks in ceiling around windows. Make sure all appliance are operating properly. Dont forget plumbing. If all ck out make a offer under NADA. JMO
Re: 1995 Monaco Executive Coach-HELP!!

Chelse & Jim
The gelcoat on the coach looks great. No bubbles. It appears as though it was stored inside or covered. I will check the ceiling for leaks but I don't remember anything standing out. I will check on the batteries. Thanks for your advice.


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Re: 1995 Monaco Executive Coach-HELP!!

Batteries are a pretty inexpensive thing to replace so while they should be considered, they are not a big deal. If they are heavily corroded it may indicate a lack of care of the RV so you should then look even more closely at all other things. If you are not an experienced RV owner, I strongly suggest that you pay for the services of an RV inspection by one of the qualified service companies or by a mobile RV tech. You need to see all appliances actually operate in all modes. You should see the refrigerator with it operating and normal temperatures and check to see that the freezer is near 0 degrees and that the cool box is at 38 degrees or less.

You should operate each air conditioner and check first the air into it and then the temperature of the air discharged from it with a good dial thermometer and look for at least a change of 18 degrees, minimum to indicate proper operation. If it has leveling jacks, operate those and make sure that they will level the coach and lift it enough to stabilize the coach. If there is a microwave, boil a paper cup of water in it. Check all burners on the stove top and if there is an oven, light it and be sure that it heats and then controls that heat properly.

If there is a built-in coffee maker, run some water through that too. Test the vent hood over the stove and the vent in the bathroom. The water system should be charged and the water heater should operate and both hot and cold water should be available from each faucet. Use the fresh water pump to supply that water, then with all faucets off and the pump on, listen to it very carefully to be sure that it does not run for a few seconds over and over as that is a good indication of a water leak.

If the waste tanks are empty, test the dump valves by cycling each one to be sure that it operates freely. Then run some water into each waste tank(just a gallon or two) and then pull each valve open and shut quickly to be sure that the water will come out. Check all storage bays for signs of leakage into them and also for any structural issues or cracks in them. Check each bay door to make sure that it fits tightly and will not pull open with the latch closed.

Examine the shower pan and all sinks for any signs of cracks or other problems. A shower pan can be very difficult to repair or replace if needed. Check all floors for weak spots, paying special attention to areas under windows and near the doors. Check for soft spots that would indicate damage to the floor from water problems. Test the back-up camera and monitor. Try all lights and electrical outlets. Make sure that you actually have power at every outlet. Check the condition of the power cable and pay particular attention to the plug for signs of heating or melting.

With the genset running and not shore power, run both air conditioners at the same time for at least 1/2 hour. While doing so, it would be a good time to also check the furnace, or furnaces if you have two. Make sure that they light and run and that heat does come from the vents.

This should give you a little idea of the kind of things that you need to pay attention to. When I inspect an RV for purchase, it usually takes at least two hours and I have spent considerably more. And never forget that an RV that is 15 years old is purchased in an "as is" condition and there will be no warranty. Also, many of the appliances can be expected to be late in their life and so do not be surprised if some of them fail.
Re: 1995 Monaco Executive Coach-HELP!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I have printed out your response so I can use it in the future. The Executive was sold to another person. I am not worried. There is a ton of coaches on the market and there is one out there with my name on it. Thanks again!!!