1996 Minnie Winnie

I am still loooking for a motor home. The dealer called and said a 29' 1996 Minnie Winnie diesel is coming in for a trade. The price is so good, that we are really considering it. But I really would like to find as much info on it first, but I cant find out anything. I am hoping someone on the forum has one. Can you help?
RE: 1996 Minnie Winnie

Hi Welcome to the forum. What model# is the Winnebago?
Commonly the Minni Winni is a very sought after Motorhome due to the name and reputation, some consider the Minni the best built and others just favor the floorplans & name. They are very nicely built & popular.
You wont have any problem reseling it if need be.
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I dont have a model # yet. Being a diesel, I was wondering if it is more work involved taking care of it. One person wrote me and said "just keep the water of of the lines" What in the world does that mean?


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Re: 1996 Minnie Winnie

Not more work per se. However, when you do an oil change, remember that it uses gallons instead of quarts.

As far as diesels are concerned, water in the fuel (from condensation) is a significant problem. Keeping the tank full, helps minimize this on your end. Buying fuel from high volume truck stops keeps it at a minimum on the supply end. And hopefully you have a water separator and drain on your fuel filter, and a warning light on your dash.