1996 Newmar Dutch Star


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1. I need some rock solid advice. My sister has a 1996 Dutch Star which she purchased from "good friends". The support between the two windshields is broken. We called Goodyear (Arizona) Glass and they said it would take 3 weeks to get the part. The heat has set in and we need to leave the Phoenix area. We do not want to drive it until the winshield fixed. Where is a good place to go for this repair?

2. There is a loud noise coming from the back end. It may be the air compressor or the air brakes. Where can we go for this in the Phoenix area?

These are our options. Trade it in as is and purchase another motorcoach. Fix these problems and get out of the heat. Sell it through consignment and purchase another. We checked out a few of the RV dealers here and they have no inventory of used (around 2002and up) motorcoaches because it is off season.

Does anyone know of a good inspector for purchasing another RV? Does anyone know of a good negotiator for hire in the Phoenix area?

Thanks for any advice,
Jean in the Phoenix area