1998 Prowler 315R Upper Living Room - Users Experi

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[Bob] My wife and I are very very close to retirement and have, some time ago, decided to join what we anticipate to be the exciting and pleasurable life of RVing across North America over the next few years. We have looked at a number of used 5th wheel units, (our choice at this time as to meeting all our requirments) and have found a used Prowler 315R with an upper living room for sale through a RV dealer.

The layout is very different from the majority of units we have seen where typically the Bedroom is in the upper area. Our first impression was the brightness and spaciousness this layout provided to the living area, along with the separation of the kitchen from living area. We can&#039t immediately see any disadvantages to this layout, but we have no road/camping experience with this type of vehicle that we can draw upon.

I am soliciting comments from those who have experienced the upper living area as the pros and cons of this layout. Any further comments, derived from experience with the Prowler 5th wheel would be greatly appreciated.