1999 21' Chinook Concourse parts


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Hi, I am new to this forum and I'm needing help finding a part for my MH. It's a 1999 21' Chinook Concourse, the part is a mounting bracket with rubber bushing that attaches the rear of the coach to the chassis on each side, which is a Ford F350. (Similar to a motor mount but much larger) The local Ford dealership said it is a coach manufacturers part and I know Chinook is no longer in business. Does anyone know where I can find these parts?

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Re: 1999 21' Chinook Concourse parts

Hi Curt and welcome to the forum, I am not that smart and how to get parts but there some guys on here that are. I bet before the day end you will have a answer. Good luck :laugh:


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RE: 1999 21' Chinook Concourse parts

Curt, my last motorhome was a 1993 Winnebago Brave on a Chevy Chassis and I had to go to Chevy to get the part so if I were you I would as another dealer. The bushing came as part of the frame and was not part of the motorhome.


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RE: 1999 21' Chinook Concourse parts

unless it is a terribly convoluted part, i suspect a local machine shop could fabricate one easily enough

i'd check phone book and call around before going to any of them to make sure it's the kind of job they handle - most shops have gone to CNC work which means they will need a decent quantity of something ordered to justify the set up costs

but there's always one or two shops that handle what we calll "one off" work

the rubber bushings they should also be able to match or approximate - one good source for a lot of items like that is www.mcmaster.com

if you go to that web, don't be put off by the first page showing plumbing parts - punch in rubber or polymber stock in the search engine and you'll be overwhelmed with choices - they are to machine shops and manufacturers what sears & roebucks used to be to the retail market in the 60s - they have everything. You;ll need to know the durameter or hardness of the existing bushing and simply order the bar material, cut and bore it to your application's needs or the machine shop will be able to.

prices are retail (relative to jobber pricing) but what they offer is availability and service - i've ordered from them on a monday and had it here on tuesday shipped ups ground - if they get the order by 2:00PM it will ship the same day

i realize an off the shelf bracket from chinook would be easier, but in case, the above should help get you back on the road