1st time rv buyer


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1st time rv buyer

First Welcome to the forum...........Congrads on the new Jay Feather. I don't know anything about the Jay Feather but I am sure you will Love RVing. If you never pulled a trailer before you need to start out slow. Read all you can get your hands on before getting behind the wheel on a long trip. What are you pulling it with? Are you the only driver? Do you have someone else to travel with you? There will be others on here that will be able to help you. There are a lot of nice people on this forum full of good information.
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1st time rv buyer

The first question, is what are you towing it with? Making sure that you don't exceed any of the weight limitations of your tow vehicle is an tedious but necessary step. Exceeding a weight limit may cause excessive wear or breakage of the tow vehicle, or an accident. In the latter case, it will probably be like chum in the water for the lawyers.

The next question is which hitch to use. Travel trailers are famous for a problem called 'sway', so some form of anti-sway hitch is usually called for. In some cases, you will need a weight distributing hitch (which should also include anti-sway provisions). The wrong hitch or one which is not correctly set up can lead to very exciting times indeed.

Once you have a safe, enjoyable trailer/tow vehicle combination, you can start into the 'fun stuff'. The first of these is 'hooking' up - sewer, fresh water, electricity and possibly cable and/or telephone. There are all kinds of gadgets and tricks for this; let us know what you are interested in.

It is very important that your first camping experiance in the new rig is at a nearby RV park (some people even do it in their driveway). The odds that you will forget something critical, or something in the unit does not work or breaks on the first use, is about 99.3% :)