1st timer - problems wtih Dutchmen Dorado door


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Hi to all you experienced Rv'ers!
We just finished our first ever RV experience in our new-to-us Dutchmen Dorado 29' Class C. It seems to be a good deal, from a reputable dealer friend, with less than 1,000 miles on it, less than 6 hours on the genset. We loved the first trip :) but had two problems - 1) tire losing air... we plan to have a tire shop look at it tomorrow, 2) the little exterior entertainment center (CD player, tv connection, plug) door fell open twice while driving it even though the door was locked :(. Any ideas on fixing this type of a problem?


RE: 1st timer - problems wtih Dutchmen Dorado door

well first welcome to the forum :) and i must say this (don't get mad) but u have just experienced what all us rver's have ,,, problems ,, though u'rs was lite ,, u'r gonna have more ,, believe ,me ,, as for the door ,, was it an outside comaprtment door??? If so i would ck and see (even though it was locked) if the little flap that hooks into the door frame isn't bent ,, or maybe even missing ,, u can get a new locking thingy at any rv store ,, don't worry about rekeying it ,,, the key's are all the same on the compartment doors ,, just get the same type u already have ,,, but please post us back on what u find about the door :approve: :approve: ;) ;)
Not to confuse u on the key thingy ,, but yes ,, i even have key's to u'r compartment doors ,, and they are the same if u buy them at CW ,,, but unless u have had them changed ,, then my key's fit u'r comp. doors :eek: :eek: :eek:


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Re: 1st timer - problems wtih Dutchmen Dorado door

Since it 'fell open', I presume it is hinged at the bottom? yes, check the locking tab to insure that it fully seats whereever it has to, and that there is no play anywhere in the door and latch system. If you can't keep it closed any other way, you could always mount an external latching device to suppliment whatever system it has now.