1st trip (newbie). Any driving tips?


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Just bought a 1994 Roadtrek 190 in excellent condition. Making a trip this weekend from KY to Denver for medical reasons. Interstate drive all the way. Got it for (hopefully) a comfortable ride & convenience of having a restroom nearby. No big interest in camping. Drove it today & was surprised at how much it catches wind, and it wanders a lot. Any driving tips from you seasoned B drivers? Should I fill or drain the water tank?




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1st trip (newbie). Any driving tips?


From one Roadtrek owner to another Roadtrek owner, you will get the sway from the wind no matter what RV or truck you drive. Just think of the wind the big trucks and rv's have. Nothing you can go except drive the speed limit, be careful and use common sense.
I don't have any trouble with mine in wondering. Sounds like low tire pressure to me, check your tire pressure. You may have one tire lower than the other. Mine takes 55 PSI in the front and 80 PSI in the rear. I get a good ride when keeping the tires at the right pressure. Some drivers use lower or more pressure. I don't recommend that, that's my opinion and my opinion only. You may need a front end alignment. If it were me I would put it in the shop and have everything checked before your trip but I just seen where you are going this weekend so you may not be able to get it in on such short notice.
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1st trip (newbie). Any driving tips?

I agree with turnip42 but before you pump up the tires make darn sure that the previous owner did not put passenger tires on the RT. Check the load range on all tires for the maximum air preasure allowed.

A tire balance might be just as important as an alignment but on the newer RTs many passenger car tire places cant balance the truck rims

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