2.3% COLA raise

At 2.3%... that figures out to be $29 more per month for me...

Now lets see...
Gasoline already cost over $3 per gallon...
Propane already cost over $3 per gallon..

$29 will buy me about 9.6666 gallons of gasoline ... IF.. the price does not go any higher.. (any bets on that ?)

If my truck gets 15 mpg around town... and I average about 45 miles per week..... it will cost me over $9 per week just for gasoline...

4 weeks in a month... means that it will cost me over $36 per month for gasoline...

But my raise is only $29 per month..

can someone loan me $7 each month ? I promise to pay you back as soon as the "cost of living" raises matches the actual cost of living... honest I will ...

During last winter I averaged using about 2 gallons of propane per day for heating, cooking, baking and hot water..

lets see... 2 gallons X $3 = $6 per day..
$6 X 30 days per month = $180 per month for propane..

Hmmmmnnnn... but I am already $7 short each month just for the gasoline,...

and now I've got to figure out where to get the $180 each month for propane...

BINGO ! ! ! ..... I know what I can do...

I will only take one shower each month and use cold water...

I can start eating only canned food right out of the can... no cooking needed..

and I can wear several layers of winter underwear instead of using the furnace.

and I can walk the 45 miles each week and save gas money... (I need to lose weight anyway)

Walking 45 miles each week will wear out a pair of tennis shoes about every month...

BUT... HEY... not to worry ... Wal-Mart has tennis shoes for $29 ...

Wow !! ... how about that ?! I solved the problem ... and to think I was worried that my beloved government was screwing me...

Why, I bet those geniuses in Washington had it figured out all along...

God Bless America...

(and the idiots who run it)

:) :) :)
Re: 2.3% COLA raise

I know you're being funny and not being funny at the same time, and I know that I shouldn't be saying this because somebody is going to jump me but, ...

Social Security was NEVER meant to pay everyone's day to day expenses. It WAS meant to take our money and invest it as a total so we would have more than what we put in. The geniouses that we elected from day one spent the money instead of investing it.

The GOVERNMENT didn't screw it up ... WE screwed it up all by ourselves.

That's why you might never get what you put in back (depending on how old you are.)

But still NO increase is ever going to cover all of your expenses. Know why?

Because you kids can't work that hard to keep up!

C Nash

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Re: 2.3% COLA raise

John' just the American way of taking care of all us elder. We were not supposed to live this long :eek: Sure glad I had a retirement along with Uncle Sam. Now old Tex he done got all them oil well out there in texas with Shadow and they keep holping the gas keeps going up ;) :laugh: :evil: Still great to be in the good old USA :approve: If you don't believe it ask a Mexican :eek: . best thing we could do is go to Mexico and slip back across the borderand claim we are Mexican :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :sleepy:


Re: 2.3% COLA raise

Hey now i never thought of that ,, would pay us to travel in the rv's :eek: :approve:
Where do i sighn up :question: :question: :question: :laugh:
And when does the next bus leave to Mexico ???
As far as Tex goes,, the only oil he sees is what he gets on his hands when he changes the oil in his vehicle ,, he is richer than Bill gates ,, he even admitted he was around when Bill had version 1 and 2 of windows ,, so u know that he;s getting a cut form Bill ,, to keep quiet (and that's a bunch) :clown: :laugh: :laugh:


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RE: 2.3% COLA raise

Hey John like Mr. Nash I have a Government check coming each month that take care me. but the 2.3 isn't going to do anything but raise the tax rate on me
. but I will survive as most country boys can. just enjoy it while you can. One day it might not be there. Oh yes John I do buy on line.


C Nash

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Re: 2.3% COLA raise

Hollis, drop the mister :) most have always called me Nash because they didn't know how to pronounce the first name :) So far this old country boy has been able to survivive and enjoy life. Great wife for 48 yrs, wonderful kids, grandkids, and now twin great grandaughters. Great parents both sides and worked at jobs I loved all the working years. Ain't life grand.
RE: 2.3% COLA raise

Hi John,
Does Saline County ring a bell by any chance? Was going to write you an e-mail but you don't list one on your Biography. later Jim
RE: 2.3% COLA raise

Hi Jim,

Saline county does not ring a bell with me.. I have traveled through Kansas many times of course, but don't remember anything particular about it except the winds and that you can see forever and ever without any mountains to block the veiw.. :) :)