2 first's in 2 days


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Wife and I and our Great Dane, Gabriel, decided to head down to see Mammoth Cave in Cave City, Kentucky. On our way down I feel this "thump" and look in the mirror to see a tire rolling away. We stop and looked underneath only to find our spare fell off! We get off the highway, turn around and head back to the scene, and its gone. Nowhere to be found. We continue on and a a good few day's. The cave was great. Heading back, we have a blow out in our inside passenger rear tire. The "BANG" scared the heck out of me!
Lucky for us we were less then a mile from a tire store. We now own six new tires! Wife said we were lucky. I said, sure but we had our Angel Gabriel with us!

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Re: 2 first's in 2 days

Sorry to hear of your troubles but, you did the right thing by replacing them all. No telling where the spare went to. If it turn upright and starting rolling it might still be going. Lucky it didn't hit another car or damage your rv. Did you find out why they call the cave Mammoth? :eek:


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RE: 2 first's in 2 days

Its called Mammoth Cave because of its size. Its over 7 miles square and has measured trails over 360 miles. Worth the trip.