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I have a new Jayco 5th wheel and we discovered that the tub leaks. It seems like some caulk would fix this. My question is should I take it back to let dealer do it or just do myself? Also a rather dumb question but I have been seeing these globe like beaded looking string lights that look like beaded lamp shades. I would love to find these so if anyone has a clue what I am talking about please let me know where I could get these. Thanks


2 questions


If the dealer is within reasonable distance I would take it back if for no other reason to get it on record. You never know what may be the cause and the simple fix may not be the answer. For the price of these buggers they sould be right. If the dealer is to far I would send them a letter,askin them what they want you to do, and request a reply. Hopefully this may protect you in the future if needed.



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2 questions

Hi cheermis, I tend to agree with thumbs, I'd let the dealer fix it, unless its realy simple and would cost more in gas to tow it back to the dealer. As for the beaded globe lights I've seen them down in Az. when we are down there for the winter, I think folks get them at Wal-mart (now I remember they do) they are a kit thing you assemble, they come in 2 or 3 different sizes. Hope this helps and happy trails GB