2 Way Radios

Can anyone recommend a good set but not the most expensive 2 way radios? We are new seasonal campers and want to use them if I am down by the lake fishing and the wife needs me or if her and the kids are at the pool and ....

The furthest we would be apart would be about half a mile which would be rare but it is a very wooded campground. Any recommendations?


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Re: 2 Way Radios

There's another thread on here where I gave out model numbers. 'Search' for Motorola radio. Seems like it was this year.

Half a mile is pretty far for ordinary UHF handhelds. You'll need special ones.


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Re: 2 Way Radios

Even a cheap set ($20-25) will go 4 miles. Do a Google search for 2 way radios. There are hundreds of web sites offering good deals.


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Re: 2 Way Radios

FRS (Family Radio Service) may go a half mile in perfect conditions, but won't go that far under most real conditions. GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) will go a half mile in most conditions, but you must have a FCC licence. Easy to get, you just fill out a form, but costs $80 every 5 years. Note that they try to steer you to put your home and a x mile radius around there as your licensed area. But if you ask for nationwide coverage, you'll probably get it. And put down more radios than you will likely ever have, with more power than you think you'll ever get. That way, if you do enhance your system, it will be free and easy, rather than relicencing.

The cobra units can be cheap, small and work well, with lots of features. They may not last long tho; we're on our second set already (first set just died one day).

RE: 2 Way Radios

We own the Cobra PR 900 DX, GMRS radios and have had them for over 5 years with only 1 problem and that was the chargers for them. Of course as stated previously you do need a license to use them legally, but that only costs something like $75 for five years. We used ours almost constantly for two and a half days when moving from Wisconsin to New Mexico.