2000 fleetwood is HORRIBLE

[BOB J.] I bought a 2000 Fleetwood Pace Arrow Vision motorhome on 8/28/1999. It has been a nightmare since it was received. I have documentation from "day one" that proves that it has been brought to the attention of Fleetwood the SERIOUS and DANGEROUS DEFECTS in this coach. When it was delivered it had a lean of the body towards the passenger side front corner of no less than 2 3/4 inches. The tires on the front of the coach (GOODYEAR) were so out of round that the Goodyear tire dealer of 30 years was in disbelief that they were even rolling. The rear tires were never checked! Just the above stated problems are enough to make this 20,000 pound monstrosity a rolling death trap !!!
The coach has also had a host of other problems such as allowing carbon monoxide to enter the bed room from the generator compartment! The dealer can&#039t find the problem so does that mean that I am to take the coach back and use it until it KILLS SOMEONE?? Other problems are a drivers door that is so hard to close that panels on the inside of the coach have started falling off! The window day-night blinds have been replaced no less than four times because they will not fold up. This is just a few of the problems that I have encountered with this motorhome. The rest of the defects list covers over 50 different items.
The way that these problems have been handled, as of this date are as follows. It has been their policy to either not to fix it, deny the problem exists, sidestep it (IE.not our problem), or just flat a** ignore it!! And if I hear "we can adjust it" just one more time I will scream.This coach has been at the dealer&#039s repair shop over 5 months this time and nearly 8 months total.........
Please forward this to everyone on your mailing list and encourage them to pass it on so that somewhere down the line someone will not be the VICTIM of a 120,000.00 dollar mistake !!!!!! But even as I suffer, it is my sincere hope that this helps to keep another consumer from falling victim to the corporate jaws of Fleetwood. Did I mention that I&#039m also 100% DISABLED?
For more information or a complete list of defects please contact me: smoothpace@hotmail.com

Thank you for your time, BOB
2000 fleetwood is HORRIBLE

[Jim M] Bob: your words fall on sympathetic ears, I know it is no help but you are not alone. this industry suffers from the same level of customer service that the phone company was famous for before the break-up and for a level of quality control that existed in the US automobile industry before the japenese beat them up years ago. Another problem you didn&#039t mention is that many if not most dealers give even poorer or no service if you were unlucky enough to have not bought it from them. We all know that this industry is small and does not have the economy of scale that the auto or other big manufacturing industries enjoy. However, the RV industry needs to grow up or it will never grow into an adult!

2000 fleetwood is HORRIBLE

[gdauth] Jim;
Actually the only thing I will disagree with is phone company service. It is much worse now. We have Ameriteck and they had service delays of up to 4 weeks last year and the state got on their case. Now they have the gall to raise the rates claiming that they have to do this inorder to provide reasonable service. What they di was down size their service personel to raise their profits then they could not fix the phones within a reasonable time period. Three to four weeks to get your phone fixed is criminal.
2000 fleetwood is HORRIBLE

[JohnBoy] Please, if you have not already done so, report the details to the NHTSA. I think they care but unless they get enough reports can do nothing.
2000 fleetwood is HORRIBLE

[Noel E. Byars] It&#039s not just the 2000 Pace Arrow that is bad. I have a 1997 that has been in the shop more than I have used it. The CO problem has yet to be solved. I have been told that the exhaust is right under the window and that the gas is getting in through the window seep holes. Since Fleetwood cannot or will not fix it I am going to have the exhaust moved from under the window. I&#039LL WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER FLEETWOOD PRODUCT.
2000 fleetwood is HORRIBLE

[JIm M] reply to Gdauth: You and I agree, I really meant that if they don&#039t grow up and pay attention to the customers and quality control, things will go bad for them (I only used the phone company as a prime example of bad service) You are right, the phone company didn&#039t get better after the break up! Thanks for the comeback on freightliner probs above!
2000 fleetwood is HORRIBLE

[mustang] Another Fleetwood horror story! It&#039s too bad consumers don&#039t research their purchases beforehand. We almost made the same mistake when we had an order in on a Thor Tahoe Lite. We cancelled it just in time and bought a Jayco instead. As for the CO problem Bob, did you check out the recall? I believe they have one out to correct this problem by rerouting the exhaust pipe. Bob, I&#039m a little perplexed by your "100% disabled" comment.....does this somehow factor into the equation?
Good luck and don&#039t give up!!!!
2000 fleetwood is HORRIBLE

[Mustang] We are EXTREMELY happy with Jayco. They have proven to us to be a company that stands behind it&#039s product. Good quality trailer!
2000 fleetwood is HORRIBLE

[mark c] I have sad to say heard this about Fleetwood products!!
People buy them because they same a few grand and pay for that savings over and over.
By the way is the motor home any better today?
Have they done anything to help in the last few months since you posted this message?