2000 Winnebago Journey info needed


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I am looking at a used 2000 Winnebago Journey diesel pusher with a Cummins 275 hp, and Allison MT643 4-speed transmission with about 6000 miles. I like everything about the motor home, but would like some feedback about the 4-speed transmission and if the 275 cummins is big enough for the 36' motor home. I drove it and it seemed to have good power and acceleration, though the area was fairly level. It was around 1800 RPM's at 60 miles an hour and easily went to well over 70. Would gas mileage be much different with a 5 or 6 speed transmission? I would greatly appreciate any feedback from the great people on this board.

C Nash

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2000 Winnebago Journey info needed

Hi Lee,
I would try to contact the former owner and ask some of these questions. Get lots of different opinions on the 275 with some saying the power is fine and others saying it is underpowered. I think it really depends on our expectations. If you expect to hang a 4500 lb dinghy behind and load the mh to the max and blow all others off the road you will probably be dissapointed in the power. Gas milage will suffer with the four speed if you do a lot of interstate driving but, not that much, maybe a mile or two per gallon. Maybe someone that has owned both can give a more accurate answer.