2001 RoadTrek Pop 200


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Just saw one for sale at $41,000 with 40,000 miles. I am new to this and wonder if someone has any thoughts on the price vs. the mileage. Thanks.
2001 RoadTrek Pop 200

Sounds like a bit to high to me with 40K on it. If you are interested make sure you drive it several miles. Check everything you know to check. Ask others who own Class B's to get their output on it. My guess you could get that price down.
One thing you need to check for sure is the handles on the black/grey tanks. I never did on my Roadtrek and the black tank was hard to pull. Both plastic handles were cracked and broke after the 2nd pull on them. The drain hose was cracked to. Make them go all over it bumper to bumper and try to get some kind of warrenty even if it's only 30 days but try for more.
You didn't say if it was a dodge or chevy but if possible take it to a dealer and have them check out that part. They will not look at any RV parts of it but will tell you about belts, hoses, springs, muffler/tailpipe. Have them check for leaking seals and most of all the u-joints.
Good luck whatever you do and Happying RVing. Keep me posted if you don't mind.
2001 RoadTrek Pop 200

You didnt say how the unit is equipped. Does it have a generator? Which chassis and engine size? Price may not be out of line if well equipped and cherry condition. Definitely get it checked out and talk them into a 30 day warranty. :cool:
2001 RoadTrek Pop 200

I am selling my 2002 Roadtrek 190V with all the std options: generator, two coach batteries, awning, 28000 miles, have tried to keep it in cherry shape, no smoking, no pets. Asking 42,500 OBO.