2002 Gulfstream handling problem


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This year when I took out my 2002 Gulfstream it seemed like I was being blown off the road to just drive down the freeway. Small breeze, cars passing me, big trucks, anything made me feel like I was just being blown off of the road and had a very difficult time trying to stay on the road. The RV only has 6,000 miles on it and is out of warranty. The state of Utah requires an annual safety inspection that the RV passed in May 2006. The 2 previous years that I owned the RV I did not feel this problem. On my first trip this year from Salt Lake City to Cedar City, Utah, I thought that it was just the air pressure in the tires. But I could not get any more than 50 lbs of pressure into the tires. So in Beaver, UT, I stopped at the truck stop and they had a tire store like Big O, and had them look at the tires. The manager told me that the tires were weather cracking and should be replaced. I could only afford 4 of the 6 tires to be replaced and so we put those 4 tires on the back and the 2 best of the 6 tires on the RV on the front. He filled all tires to 65 lbs. and I drove on. Well for the rest of the trips of the summer it still feels like I am being blown all over the freeway and it takes all I can do to hold the RV in my lane of traffic. If I let go of the wheel at low speeds (below 40 mph) the RV does not pull to either the left or the right. Does anyone know have any ideas of what to check and where I might go to have the problem resolved? I live in the Greater Salt Lake City area of Utah.


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Re: 2002 Gulfstream handling problem

How many miles do you have on the rv? Might be time for shock replacement. Are you loading the same as before or added anything on the Gulfstream? Check your sway bars and bushings. A steering stablizer might help. Steer safe is a good addition. I would have the front end cked for worn parts.

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RE: 2002 Gulfstream handling problem

Hey 2lonewolfs, welcome to the forum. Check out your front wheel bearings, ball joints and streering componets. You probably haven't put enough miles on your rig to wear them out, but it wouldn't hurt to check them. Where you from in SLC the area. Wife and I were born and raised in SLC (close to Liberty Park). We moved from Woods Cross in "79". I worked at Hill AFB. Hope you get your RV fixed. :)