2002 HD Crew Cab Silverado w/Allison and Duramax


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I have NOT had any problems but need info on changing my transmission oil.I want to do it myself.The dealer says it will be "around" $250.00.I see there is a plug in the pan and a filter but they say they have to remove the pan etc etc.
The oil LOOKS OK and does not smell bad.I have 60000 miles on the truck-mostly highway driving and i DO NOT TOW.The most weight i have ever had on was 1000lb .We are going on a long cross country trip to Alaska and back,so i want to do the 'preventative stuff' now and ongoing in the future.


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2002 HD Crew Cab Silverado w/Allison and Duramax

Don't know about that transmission, but I have my GMC done at Jiffy Lube. They have a machine which forces in good fluid and the used fluid is pushed out. Around $50 to $70 and you can usually find a coupon or work a deal for less.