2002 seahawk

Hi Yall,
My husband and I just bought a 2002 gulfstream seahawk. We are intending on using it for full time living. the problem that we are having is that it didnt come with any instruction manuals or anything. Being new to this we are having difficultys getting the heater to work. Also if any of yall have any advice on how to set it up propperly.. that would be a great help.. we need this place and I dont want to break anything..
Thanks a bunch..
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Great purchase and welcome to the forum. You can call Gulf Stream and they could get you manuals for what you need.

As far as the furnace, tell us what it is, or is not doing, and I think we can help you.
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Well when you turn on the heater it makes a loud whirring sound and then it just stops. the ac works and the fan too. But no heat. Is there a pilot light that needs to be lit? Can it work with electricity only or does it need a combo of gas and electricity? Also, what are the best kind of pipes to use for the water and what do I cover them with.. Like I said.. I have stayed in rvs before but never had to mess with all of the particulars of living in one.. Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated..
Thanks for your time..
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Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to respond, whole family has been sick.

First of all, the AC and Furnace don't have much to do with each other. Wires from the thermostat do go thru the AC on the way to furnace, but that is about it.

Are you sure you have LP? The furnace motor will shut down if no flame is detected. It will shut down for other reasons also, but LP is the main thing I am thinking right now. There is no pilot light in the furnace. (In fact the only pilot light you have in your trailer is in the oven.) Another thing with the furnace, you have to have a good battery. You could also have other things like a bad "sail switch" or gas valve or circuit board.

I honestly would consider taking it into a dealer and have someone look at it, if the simple things don't fix it.