2002 Sunny Brook 29' Mobile Scout, no d.c. volts?

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I have a 2002 Sunny Brook Mobile Scout 29'. I have only 2.76 v.d.c., 120 a.c. is okay. Cannot find location of power converter box, looked everywhere except... underneath the TV stand is a 3 or _4" hole bored in the flooring and a power cable going through it. Please don't tell me I need to go under camper and rip the protective plastic covering to get to this box. Have owned many many Rv's in years past, never have I seen such an inaccessible power control box! Would appreciate any tips that anyone would offer. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to others, thanks KA2DAY/Tom


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It is inside your trailer. Behind the 120 volt breaker panel. Also you have 2 reverse polarity fuses on the fuse panel. You also have a main reset-able fuse inline near the battery.