2003 Fleetwod Flair 30H on the F-53 Bad fuse

The 12 outlet in the rear bedroom has no power. I am dissabled so it's hard for me to search. There is a fuse panel in the engine compartment and one in an awful place under the dash on the left side and has mini fuses.
I would assume the mini fuses are the main fuses and the engine compartment panel is for accessories. I had some one help me check them all and they all check good. could there be an inline fuse? It worked good till i plugged in an LCD 15" TV and DVD player. I heard a slight noise. It would help to know if it is a bad fuse would it be in the panel in engine compartment or the one under the dash with the mini fuses.

Also when i turn on the water pump it empties the fresh water tank out of the inlet for city water hookup I have to hook up the inlet hose and crimp it. I could put a plug there but i think there is a check valve somewhere. It must be in the pump area but i can't find it. It started when i turned on the pump when i was hooked up at a park and tried to use the pump normally later when i wasn't hooked up to city water.

DL Rupper

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Re: 2003 Fleetwod Flair 30H on the F-53 Bad fuse

You said the 12 V recepticle worked before you plugged in the TV. Have you checked the male 12 V plug on the TV. The 12 V plug-ins usually have fuses inside the plug.


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Re: 2003 Fleetwod Flair 30H on the F-53 Bad fuse

There are very often some things that are fused with in-line fuses but one should probably talk to an owner of a Flair to know for sure. Have you checked the outlet to make sure that there is no power there? That is first as the problem may not be there but as DL suggests it could be in the player? The only sure way to check fuses is also with an ohm meter. I suspect that you do have another fuse panel somewhere. The owner's manual should show where fuse panels are located. The F53 chassis has two fuse panels, one under the dash and to the left of the steering column (if it was not moved by the manufacturer) and the other one is in the engine area. My motorhome is on an F53 and it has two additional fuse panels put there by the RV builder, one under the dash and the other in the engine compartment.

On the water connection, the city connection has a check valve built into it and they do fail so that is probably the issue there. You can either replace the connector, or you can use a screw-in plug.
Re: 2003 Fleetwod Flair 30H on the F-53 Bad fuse

It only has the two panels. I was an electrician for 35 years and i have checked the power at the plug and the tv works fine with the 12v plugs up front. I still know how to check stuff i'm just broken myself. I checked all the fuses in the engine compartment and had my son pull all the ones under the dash one at a time and i checked those with my ohm meter. All the fuses are good.
I will change the city water inlet as i didn't know it had a check valve in it.

I will still look for the power source for that plug though.
Thanks to every one and i will check the manuel again.
RE: 2003 Fleetwod Flair 30H on the F-53 Bad fuse

I found a third coach 12 volt fuse panel under the refridgerator next to the 120 volt breaker panel. When ya open the breaker door ya don't see it because it's on the front of the door behind a metal cover that says 12 volt fuses. Blame it on my old eyes. I'm happy everything is fixed and all i have to do is maint. and load up and get my knees in the breese. Were off to wyoming and Montana for a month or so.
Thanks Kirk i looked at one of the owners manuels for the house and it showed where the third panel was.