2004 Homestead 33CKS AC

I have a travel trailer, model list in subject, that I brought home to due to maintenance. I plugged in the trailer in my garage 110v outlet. I turned on the AC and the garage circuit breaker tripped. Its a 15a. I moved the plug to a 30a, 110v outlet and when I turned on the AC, it tripped also after about a couple of minutes. I just wanted to aks a quick question. Is the AC a 220v? Or a 110v? Or do I need to put it into a larger amp outlet?

Thanks in advance! I will read the literatery on it when I get home. I was wondering if anyone might know off the top of their heads?


DL Rupper

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2004 Homestead 33CKS AC

Hey Tom, welcome to the forum. A/C Should be 110V. A 30amp 110v outlet should handle a single A/C unless you have the electric hot water heater and electric refrigerator all on at the same time. Are you plugging the trailer directly into the 110v plug or are you using an extension cord? If you are using an extension cord, how many amps is it rated to handle :question: It sounds like you are drawing to many amps when the A/C compressor kicks on after running for 2 min. If your trailer is rated for only 30 amps, I wouldn't be in any hurry to plug it into a larger amp outlet. It might fry it :( .
2004 Homestead 33CKS AC

Thanks DL!

I never thought about the extension cord and now that you mentioned it, nope its not rated for that amperage. Too much sun and not thinking does it to me everytime. Of course I won't mention the beers I had.... :laugh: