2004 Prowler 30" AX6


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I'm considering the purchase of a 2004 Prowler fiver that's model AX6. I'm wondering if anyone out there has one of these and would share some of your problems and also good experiences with the Pwowler. I plan on using a Silverado 2500 HD w/Duramax diesel. Thank you in advance.


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Re: 2004 Prowler 30" AX6

I could tell you alot about Fleetwood trailers in general but it would be from a service managers point of view. I personally don't like the way they refuse to pay for warranty work performed even though authorization was given by the warranty department to do the job. The prowler as a trailer is as good as any entry level trailer. And don't let the salesman fool you it is an entry level trailer. Just like terry and a few others they make on the same line. I am not familiar with that particular model because I no longer work at a dealership but just look it over real well. Peek into all the cubby holes and look for constrution problems. They always make them look good but they don't always build them well. Just make sure you buy one built on Wednesday. ;)