2005 Coachman 5th Wheel

Chuck Wakeley

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I would appreciate any comments from anyone, concerning the ceiling in this 2005 Coachman sommerset. I have a frabic or cloth ceiling. I have started to get black marks that run about every four feet apart on the ceiling and small spots on the large slide.. To me it looks aluminum spots. This rig has been outside since I purchased. This is the first year we lived in RV during the winter, been in Alamo Tx since first of December. I also had a new rubber roof installed at the dealer in April last year because of a limb that went thru the roof at the back of the rig on during an ice storm. I do have aluminum frame. Can anyone help me out? I'm new at the forum hope give all info you need. We are 1200 miles from dealer.

Grandview Trailer Sa

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Re: 2005 Coachman 5th Wheel

Your black marks are from the aluminum rafters. I know of a Teton that had the cloth ceiling and the same thing happened to it. Hate to tell you, not much will clean it. That customer even tried bleach. Teton has gone away from that ceiling to remedy the problem.