2005 Fleetwood Discovery

Hello all, my name is Shaun and my wife and I are looking at purchasing a 2005 Fleetwood Discovery from a man in Florida who won the RV in a raffle in Vegas. The title is unsigned so the purchaser of the rv will be the original owner. He is asking 150,000 for it at it is priced for over 200000. I was wondering if anyone has advice on this RV, insurance, extended warranty and any other good info. Fleetwood has arranged to provide a walk through. It has only 3000 miles and still has the original plastic on the carpets. Thanks for your time. Shaun
2005 Fleetwood Discovery

Hey! Personal call. The unit is probably worth the money - but then I would suggest you visit a few dealers and deal with them on new unit just like this one. Usually the dealers are more than happy to know off severl thousand from suggested mfg price. I have seen some new units with suggested prices of well about 200,000 posted with special pricing of 150's and 160's.

You have to decide if that is what YOU want and the price really doesn't sound too far out of line. BUT!!!!

Good luck - let us all know here of what you decide to do and if you do purchase - take a couple photos and post them for us.

God Bless -

2005 Fleetwood Discovery

Something sounds wrong. How did he get the RV from Vegas to Florida without a registration and therfore signing the title. Here in NYS, I brought a car from a guy in a similar story, but I was the second owner. If the title is not in his name, he can't own the RV.
2005 Fleetwood Discovery

Some states you can drive the vehicle with a bill of sale and they send you the title (within 30 days). It's up to you then to register and pay the appropriate sales and registration fees.

That is exactly what I did when I bought my rig in Texas. I obtained the vin number - placed insurance on the unit and hand carried the insurance form for proof and then filled out the papers and drove away with bill-of-sale and about 20 days later the title arrived.

2005 Fleetwood Discovery

Good point on USED - however the test is whether or not the unit has been registered. Consider the "Demo" at the auto dealerships - ones the boss and employee's drive for months that have 3000 - 4000 or more miles on them. These units are sold as "New" Demos and are registered for the first time. Driving the unit from Vegas to Florida can be accomplished by use of sale bill and copy of insurance carried. The person owing the unit can choose NOT to register the unit - but usually there is a penalty to be paid for NOT registering it within the 30 days of Date-of-sale.

USED - would be an excellent bargening point though - even so the price being asked certainly is not out of line. Depends on how badly a person wants the unit.

Good luck. Bill