2005 Monarch or Admiral floor problems?


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Has anyone had a problem with the 2005 HR Admirals or Monaco Monarchs in regard to weak and / or raised floors?

My wife Holly and I purchased a 05 Admiral 36 ft and noticed a weak area in the floor after delivery. Now when the slide is out there is a noticeable raised area on the floor. Come to find out they removed many of the floor supports to lighten the unit. I believe the floor is being raised up by the 'lever' effect of the slide when it's fully out.

Spoke with Monaco and they deny there is any problem. Has anyone else heard of this? Any helpful comments would be appreciated.

Thank you for your help. E-mail at rjwild@juno.com

R.J. & Holly Wild
Mission Viejo, CA

PS - If possible please e-mail other areas I can post this message. I'm really trying to find others that are having this same problem. Thank you again.