2006 - 2007 Cross Country sportscoach

My wife and I really like the new Cross Country diesel pushers. Can anyone give me feedback on this class of coach. The maker is Coachman. Thanks for any advice


RE: 2006 - 2007 Cross Country sportscoach

If u like the sports coach,, check out the Pathfinder...
It is really cool outside (kinda turns heads)
The interior is simple ,, no marble or granit stuff just plain livable...
I talked to a Sports coach rep at a show and she said that ,, that was what they wanted to do with the pathfinder,,, Turn haeds when it rolls in...
If u get a chance ck out the web page,,, although if u have,nt seen this coach in real life ,, then u'r missing out..
I saw it at the show and said WOW,,, that's the next coach for me...
Bty it is priced right,,, don't need to sell the farm and the help to but it. :)
That is my input,,, if my coach wasn't paid for i would buy the Pathfinder in a second ,, no matter the interest rate on the loan... :approve:
RE: 2006 - 2007 Cross Country sportscoach

My wife and I like the Cross Country also. I have driven three to shows for a local dealer and love the way they drive. The Cross Country is cheeper than the Pathfinder. I don't like the mirrors on the Pathfinder, they come down from the top, but other may like this design.
Check out "Motor Home Specalist" in Texas, they have good prices and a large inventory on their website.
I live in Louisiana and our local dealer is Millers' RV, they have a web site but do not include prices. I plan to find out if they will meet Motor Home Specalist prices.
We are going shoping today and I expect to by a Crosscountry soon.
RE: 2006 - 2007 Cross Country sportscoach

I was really sold on the Cross Country motorhome until I called Sportscoach two times with questions about a special edition Cross Country that was not included in their literature. I left the first message approx. two weeks ago and the second approx one week ago, they have not responded. I have caller ID on both phone numbers, they have not returned my calls. It makes me wonder, if they don't return calls when you are wanting to purchase a motorhome, what will it be like if you have a problem.

I do plan to call one more time and I hope that I can get the information I want, I do like the motorhome.
RE: 2006 - 2007 Cross Country sportscoach

I did make contact with Sportscoach Customer Service, a very nice man answered all of my questions. I think the Coachman operator was connecting me with the wrong number