2006 350 Ford Diesel


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I feel for all of us. Warranty mean nothing in my experiences. We lose every time. If they would make good products in the first place we might be happier people. My husband bought a 2006 350 Ford Diesel Aug. 2006. I think he said 6.4. I have a question: Could anyone tell me how to make Ford pay for our truck rental. Because he needs a truck for work he had to rent one. He is a welder and has to move his welding skid from on truck to another, this not an easy job. Lost two days of work so far. Ford warranty says it only pays $35.00 a day and the truck rental is over $100.00 a day. The dealership(not the one where we bought it) who is fixing the truck told us the warranty for Trucks pays $75.00 per day. I can’t seem to find that information. This is the second time the truck has been in the shop. It’s been in now for over a week and a half and they don’t think it will be done for another week. We’re paying Rental on a truck and big Truck payments. I need some idea’s on what I should do. Thanks, sasfrass