2006 Denali

I recently purchased a 2006 Denali 26RL-DSL that only came with one (1) lounge chair. I have spent over 1.5 hours on hold trying to reach the "Parts Dept" with Coachmen to no avail. Has any else had this problem with Dutchmen? Any ideas or alternate solutions. The wife is insistant that the chairs match, so, either I buy one from Coachmen or go somewhere else and buy two chairs. Any and all help would be appreciated.
RE: 2006 Denali

I bet if Denali is a Dutchmen product that calling Dutchmen would do the trick. Coachmen is a competitor of Dutchmen and Dutchmen is a division of Thor. Its no wonder they put you on hold!
Re: 2006 Denali

Yes, the Denali is made by DUTCHMAN, calling Coachman won't work. Hopefully that was a typo.
If the decor is popular, you may still be able to get a match. If it has been dropped, I doubt a chair is available. Good Luck
Re: 2006 Denali

My bad .... I was calling Dutchmen, and Thor and Denali. They all have separete numbers but I think they all ring into they same switchboard. I have already found a couple of chairs locally that will work. But then I'm stuck with the original chair.
Is this typical of Dutchmen ? I'd hate to think I'm going to ahve this kind of problem anytime I have to deal with them!