2006 Jayco Select, Tent Trailer

I recently purchased a 2006 Jayco Select Tent-Trailer. I have used it about 4 times. I have really enjoyed it, because it is something I can put up by myself. However, I would like to try some dry camping, and supposedly I have a gray water holding tank on board, but I don't know how to switch it from the regular gray water run-out to the grey water holding tank. Does anyone know how to??? Thanks for any help.
Also, I am usually by myself (and my young daughter), and was wondering if there is a tool out there to help solo people with hitching. (right now I get out of my truck about twenty times until I get the hitch lined up with the ball). :question:
Re: 2006 Jayco Select, Tent Trailer

not sure about the holding tank You can contact your dealer and they should be able to help. They do make a mirrior device and also a pole to connect to the ball to help line it up. Camping World has them.
Good luck
Re: 2006 Jayco Select, Tent Trailer

If you have a gray water tank, there should be a pull handle valve either under the trailer or in a compartment if your tank is above the floor. There is not a way to switch how the gray water runs out, just a valve to shut it off. usually you only get a tank if you have a shower in your tent trailer.