2006 Mandalay pusher: should I buy?


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Does anyone know anything about the Mandalay? We test drove one; my husband loved the ride, but there seem to be serious issues with the a/c. After one hour, the coach still was not cool. Is the insulation just not good? If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know since we've put down a deposit on it and I am now having serious reservations. There were other problems, such as weird noises, etc.


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Re: 2006 Mandalay pusher: should I buy?

How old is the unit? Did the AC feel cool/cold? What weird noises? Have a mechanic check it out, before going final. Have them drop the price by about 600.00 to cover new AC?

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Re: 2006 Mandalay pusher: should I buy?

Are you talking about the dash air or roof? The dash air does a very poor job on hot days. Just to much space to cool. Take the house air a while to cool down if inside is hot. test drive another unit to see if the wierd noise is in them also. Try to explain them in more detail for better opinions and like Archer year and more info would help. The Mandalay should be a pretty good unit but, I have never owned one.

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RE: 2006 Mandalay pusher: should I buy?

I would encourage your interest in the Mandalay. Although, it is like every RV you can name, it is flawed, but overall, I think you would be very pleased. I am a dealer for the product, but a serious user as well. We just returned from a week in New Orleans where heat indexes ranged in the 110 range every day we were there. No shade....now I would have enjoyed a degree or two cooler, but overall, I thought the airs did a pretty commendable job, given how blame hot and humid it was. Essentially, my experience shows about a 20 degree capability. So, if it's 100 outside, in extreme conditions you may only get down to about 80 inside, but it will be a DRY 80 with air movement, so it feels pretty cool.

The experience you had might not be a good litmus test for the a/c. Admittedly, if the interior is really heat-sinked and you turn on the a/c and it's hot and sunny....well, it may take longer than an hour to really cool it down. It's alot easier to KEEP it cool than to GET it cool.

I hope these comments will help you. If I can help you, you are welcome to contact me off line. tcamperman@hotmail.com