2007 Damon Challenger towing?

My parents who are not really up to date with the whole computer thing just bought a new Challenger. They are looking for a Small Car/ SUV to pull behind there motorhome but, are unsure how they should pull it. What would be the easiest to pull a Dolly, trailer or a car hitch? and anyone have any sugestions on what kind of CAR/SUV they should get. Thanks for the help. :)
Re: 2007 Damon Challenger towing?

All 4 down is the easiest. Dollys are OK but more work and loading them with todays low to the ground cars can be a challange. I tow a Neon, it is great. Chevy makes more towable 4 wheel down cars than anybody. I would stay lite and make sure you can tow it all 4 down. They do have trans. pumps but that is another expence.
Good Luck.