2008 Coachmen Freelander 2130QB

I'm new to the forum and glad to see great RV conversation. We just purchased a 2008 Freelander and I have two questions (for now). First, where do you put the silverware???? There is no silverware drawer in the galley. Second, I can't find the exterior outlet to hook up for cable TV. Is there one on this model somewhere? Thanks for any help!
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Welcome to the forum, Judy!

We usually keep our silverware in the little cardboard box with the cellophane cover in place until we use them all up. :clown:

A lot of RVs have the cable connection in the same area as the electrical cord connection.


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Welcome to the forum Judy,
Never heard of any rv with out a drawer in the galley. Could it be one of those you push in and it pops out? Look for a spot that it looks like a drawer could be and push on the board and see if it pops out. Second you might want to look in the corner of all your basement storage areas for the cable hookup location. Thats where mine is, the last storage door on the right rear in the top corner. Also like Tex said check your outside outlet location on my trailer the cable was under the cap on one side of the outlet and the other side was the outside electrical outlet. Good luck to ya.
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We have a 2007 freelander. Your TV cable hook up should be above your gas cap. On ours there are two rubber caps there, the bottom cap is for TV and the top cap is for Telephone. Silverware drawer, ours is to the left of the sink in front.
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Given the age of your post, I know you found the answer long ago. However, for the benefit of the next person with this issue, try this. Open your srvice compartment on the rear (where your water connections are) and look in the upper right hand corner - there it is! Not easy to see --- Coachmen does a lkot right but they made this kind of hard to find. I even installed a remote connection on my own and then one day came across a diagram in one of the manuals and went out and checked and - voila! There it was....